Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't Break the Chain

I stole this title from CharlieisSoCoolLike. It was from a vlog he did about how he has calendars with goals on them.
One was for exercise, one for editing/working on videos, and the other was for screenwriting. The chain was the little marked “X’s” he put in each box marking off which days he completed his goal.
I made 2 of these calendars for my own goals. 1 is for 30 minutes of editing or shooting video everyday. The other is 1 hour of photography twice a week. The goal being that the simple act of working 30 minutes a day will increase my productivity for a marathon edit session once a week, to progressing a little bit everyday… then those marathon edit sessions will accomplish even more.
I’d also like it to alleviate some stress/guilt that I occasionally feel for not working constantly. By asking such a minimal goal of myself, I should get this done no problem. The photography portion is not only for practice and for keeping my skills up and ready to go, but it will hopefully remind me to take time to enjoy shooting photos.
I thought about doing a 365 day project, where I take a photo everyday for a year. And I’d love to do that. But it’s a little daunting, trying to juggle this website, start a business, and three YouTube channels. If you’re not sure what I mean, definitely check out this guy.
Lastly, I’m starting a new project exploring Motion and the human body. Details will be posted at “A Life in Motion.” Don’t forget to click the Follow button at the top of the page to get updates. It will be a photo/video project.

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