Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't Break the Chain

I stole this title from CharlieisSoCoolLike. It was from a vlog he did about how he has calendars with goals on them.
One was for exercise, one for editing/working on videos, and the other was for screenwriting. The chain was the little marked “X’s” he put in each box marking off which days he completed his goal.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Speed Editing

I am the great Houdini. Capable of disappearing at a moments notice. Not posting for weeks. You thought I quit, didn’t you?

I did not. What I did was change strategies. My goal was to have at least one paid gig every month. So, I’ve been working to line those up. That’s going well. And it, a long with actually doing the work I’ve found has required a bit more of my attention and allowed for less time to work on here.

And I’ve also been trying to get the gaming portion of the site working again. James, Josh and I have been putting a lot of time and energy into that along with the help of Tim Lundy and Marielitai (you can also find her on her gaming channel).

That’s actually what leads me into this blog post: Speed Editing. It was something I practiced a lot when I was younger. It was more about producing quality content in the fastest turn around time you can manage. It’s what journalists do every day on TV. They write, shoot and edit all in a day.

But my desire for perfection has become a problem, hampering my turn over rate. I still have unfinished projects that wait for more time, or an improvement in my skill. A high standard and extra stress definitely comes with it.

But there’s something invigorating about speed editing. Not touching it long enough to get frustrated or tired of it. There’s a lot of steps that I definitely skip. But it’s a trade off. I’m happy with the quality. The response is positive. And the stress level is considerably less, and something I can definitely handle.

If I can bring this practice to all of my work, my ability to enjoy it will continue to stay strong. I already love editing. But this would definitely keep my spirits high.

If you would like to check out some of these videos, you can find them at IEGames1 on YouTube. We also have produced several podcasts and placed them on iTunes, under IE Gaming. Make sure to like, subscribe and comment, letting us know what you think. You can also check out the website at, it’s not currently connected to the Intense Entertainment page, but hopefully soon we’ll fully integrate the two websites.

Thanks for being faithful. Just because you can’t see us, doesn’t mean we aren’t working hard. It means we’re ninjas.

James Race Carr

Monday, January 23, 2012


Hey guys,

Thanks for being awesome and sticking it out during these slow months. We really do appreciate the support.

So, what would I say my goal here at IE is? Not just for 2012, but for the far distant future… would I say it’s to make lots of blockbuster films? Earn a ton of money? No, actually. That’s not what I had in mind. In fact, I’m more interested in making short form content for YouTube.