Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Slow Going for the Holidays

Howdy. Sorry there’s not a lot to report. Stupid work… I have been given permission to shoot photos of the Portland Boulder Rally finals on December 3rd (I’ll be competing in the morning session). But other than that… nothing.

I have my goals set for the new year. Thanksgiving is coming. I’m vlogging. Well… I have notes for the next vlog. Just need to be home long enough to knock it out. I still have those reviews… and what else?

Assassins Creed. Oi. Could that game do anything other than be awesome? Did you know that I tried Parkour because of this game series? Yep. True story, bro. well, I’ll have a vlog and some other stuff to share soon. Stupid NDA’s… >:[

Have a goodnight. And Happy Thanksgiving.

James :)

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