Monday, November 14, 2011

I Want to Make Climbing Movies!

Howdy. Welcome back. :) I’ve got another video that I put together. Just a little practice video of some climbers at The Circuit Bouldering Gym in Portland Oregon.

I seem to have two loves. Filmmaking and climbing. It would make sense to somehow combine these two in order to completely and thoroughly enjoy a synergistic life (you know… 1+1=4 kind of thing?). I have done some shooting at the Circuit before. One of which was a failed attempt at time lapse (NEVER leave a camera to just run on it’s own… oi) and also a Dyno Competition (a dyno is short for a dynamic lunge. Basically a big jump from one set of holds to the next).

Sorry, I’ll get off topic. Anyways, I had a shoot fall through the evening before we were scheduled to film. And with all the equipment rented and not wanting it to go to waste… I quickly got permission to shoot from the manager at the Circuit. I went in the following night (that day I was supposed to be filming. Am I going to fast?).

I had 2 hours to set up and shoot. No spare hands, 3 of my 7 rented lights failed and no talent to shoot. I grabbed 5 willing victims, and gave them their chances. They did really well. I ended up only using 2 climbers in the video. Cuts needed to be made.

My goal was to create the idea that it was a multi camera shoot. Because it wasn’t. I posted a GoPro on the wall but I’m not counting that. The climbers could do multiple takes with rest in between to make sure I got what I needed and their Beta (their sequence for solving the problem they were climbing.) looked fresh and solid.

Finished, I packed up, said thank you and headed home. After finishing the music video (sick of me plugging this yet? …Me too.) I tackled this pretty quick.

I’m hoping this might get the attention of some fellow videographers and maybe get something a little bigger going on.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Hopefully this will be the first of many climbing videos. Maybe Chuck Fryberger will need an extra camera guy someday… maybe.

I don’t think I’ve really mentioned that I am maintaining a second blog to document how my climbing has been going but you can check that out at my blog “v10orBust.” The title is a clear statement as to my personal goals in climbing and the progress I’ve made since starting.

Those reviews ARE coming. I’ve written the first one that will be posted as a blog, but I’m thinking about possibly taking a different approach tomorrow and actually filming a video review where I address everyone via a Vlog which will appear on our second channel (The idea inspired by the awesome YouTuber Malielitai. I have tomorrow mostly free and I intend to get as much done as possible. Might include a little reorganization in my room. Or at least a thorough cleaning. :)

Goodnight everyone.

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