Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Slow Going for the Holidays

Howdy. Sorry there’s not a lot to report. Stupid work… I have been given permission to shoot photos of the Portland Boulder Rally finals on December 3rd (I’ll be competing in the morning session). But other than that… nothing.

I have my goals set for the new year. Thanksgiving is coming. I’m vlogging. Well… I have notes for the next vlog. Just need to be home long enough to knock it out. I still have those reviews… and what else?

Assassins Creed. Oi. Could that game do anything other than be awesome? Did you know that I tried Parkour because of this game series? Yep. True story, bro. well, I’ll have a vlog and some other stuff to share soon. Stupid NDA’s… >:[

Have a goodnight. And Happy Thanksgiving.

James :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Vlog!

Hey guys, Here's something new I want to try. Vlogging. I know this is me at my most upbeat and excited... I promise I'll be more interesting in the future. Anyways, take care. :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

I Want to Make Climbing Movies!

Howdy. Welcome back. :) I’ve got another video that I put together. Just a little practice video of some climbers at The Circuit Bouldering Gym in Portland Oregon.

I seem to have two loves. Filmmaking and climbing. It would make sense to somehow combine these two in order to completely and thoroughly enjoy a synergistic life (you know… 1+1=4 kind of thing?). I have done some shooting at the Circuit before. One of which was a failed attempt at time lapse (NEVER leave a camera to just run on it’s own… oi) and also a Dyno Competition (a dyno is short for a dynamic lunge. Basically a big jump from one set of holds to the next).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pacific Ride Home is FINISHED!

I’m behind on this post. I released the music video I’ve been working on 2… 3 weeks ago? I had every intention of having this out immediately after. It didn’t happen.

So I guess, how do I recap a project that I watched over and over and spent so much time wanting to make perfect? Wanting a piece that I felt pushed me?

Ugh… just watch it. Like it. Leave comments. Share it. Please… I beg you.

Ok. Phew… I’m happy with this. I spent a lot of time getting the colors the way I wanted. however my workflow revealed some issues. Despite everything I did, there was some degradation to the quality. It might be time to start learning Adobe Premiere. It might be that time.

I’ll start practicing on my next project… a little something I shot at The Circuit.

I’ve mentioned it in a few previous blog posts. But I’ll remind you, in case you forgot. Tim Lundy has been playing guitar and writing his own music for a decade or so… Give or take some years. He’s been at it a while. He also does my sound effects and music for all of my projects.

I also had every intention of doing a behind the scenes video to show the joy and fun we have on set. But, for the life of me, I can’t find the footage. Or even the pictures that we took. Sadly… I think maybe in my disdain for anything having to do with this project, I may have “accidentally” deleted all of it.

Which isn’t true. I loved it. I had a blast drawing up this idea with Tim. And then planning it down to the tiniest details. And then seeing it all come together. I just can’t stand hearing the song anymore. I listen to it muted. Tim did a great job on the song. I just don’t want to ever hear it again. :)

So there’s that. This is definitely one of my more explicit blogs. I will be posting my reviews of the new Steadicam and slider we used for the making of the music video. Check the (soon to be links) labels below… they’ll take you to the reviews. And those WILL have videos demonstrating the equipment, along with footage from the actual shoot.

Flycam 5000

ProAim 4' Slider