Monday, August 29, 2011

Review of

If you’re like me, you’ve spent hours perusing through websites looking for the best deals on the best gear. And as you may have noticed I enjoy getting that piece of gear that does what I need it to at a fraction of the cost of the big name brands.
When I heard about I began doing my homework. An Indian company building cheaper versions of branded products like Steadicam. Reviews of the site were usually “I was nervous to try the more expensive stuff… so I bought a matte box. It does the job.” there wasn’t much word on the other products.
The one thing that seemed consistent was the shipping. The site may have an address in Delaware, but when you place your order, it’s coming from India. Reputation, though, was they get it to you in a week. Which is what held my attention. Freakishly low prices and week to ship it? That’s what I needed. Two pieces of equipment that B+H and Adorama couldn’t get to me for a price I could afford and get it here in the week I had left before a big shoot.
I took a chance. 8 days before the big shoot, I ordered the Flycam 5000 and the 4’ slider. The shipping was steep ($130) and the site said it could take 2 weeks to arrive… but I had no other choice.
6 days later, 2 massive boxes arrived (which was a day earlier than the tracking number said it would arrive.). I had several emails keeping me updated and they were all pleasant. The English wasn’t always that great (haha because mine is always so awesome :p ). But it’s hard to beat the price and the speed of the delivery. Neither B+H or Adorama have ever gotten a package to me that fast.
I’ll be reviewing those two pieces of gear next. I want to have footage to show you with it. I’ll let you know that for the price, I’m extremely please. I highly recommend checking out, especially if you’re a filmmaker on a budget.

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