Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Medford and Sons

I’m tired. August seemed to have snuck up on me like… Something very sneaky. I’m sitting in a car in Medford Oregon about to head home. It’s a five hour drive. I know this because we made the drive this morning.

I feel like I’m behind in blogs. Always behind. Not because I’m slacking but because I’m working. Finally! After all this time, I’m getting somewhere. Thank you for your support. Or if you’re new, thanks for checking me out (new peoples someone’s talking about me ;p ).
It started as a couple little things to get the month going. Then I started a job at Best Buy to help financially while I try to get some traction with IE. Then I had four shoots in two weeks and more potentially in the later parts of the month. We’re half way through the month and I’m wiped out.

I’ve realized though, it’s all about saying yes. Never tell a client you can’t do something. Never pass up an opportunity to learn or grow.
Here's the wedding ground before we took over and parked cameras everywhere... pretty sweet place huh?

Saturday was Brian Hunter’s wedding. Odds are, you don’t know the name. he is the head coach and owner of the Vancouver Volcanoes semi-pro Basketball team (who are also the IBL 2011 Champions). We had a five camera crew, switched live by an incredible talented Technical Director and there was 21’ Jib (courtesy of Robert Pallotta. Here’s a demo I did real quick for him. And here’s his website.)
The Jib's set up and ready to go.

The wedding was pretty awesome. The crew was fun and honestly, if all weddings were that fun, I could see making a career out of shooting weddings.
And I clean up nice... right?

The following morning, we hopped in the car and headed to Medford to shoot a birthday party. 3 cameras, lights, the works. It was a long drive but a great shoot. I was asked to help out by my friend, Kim Alling. Originally, I was concerned when I realized how far the trip would take me. But I couldn’t bail on a friend. He and I have known each other a long time and I couldn’t hang him out to dry.

And because I said yes, I got more experience, handed out more cards (which are awesome by the way, thanks Tim.) and just getting my name out there.

Which brings me back to my point of saying yes. Not to the extreme of “Yes Man.” …use some common sense here. But you can’t really know the opportunities that will rise from saying yes, and going out of your way. As opposed to saying no, where nothing happens.

I love my job. I can’t imagine doing something else.

So shut up and say yes. Be random. Spontaneous. Sit in a field with a stranger. Count the stars. Cross state lines and do something you haven’t.

We’re not getting home until after 3am. Haha so I MOSTLY love my job. Goodnight.


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