Thursday, July 7, 2011

Intense Entertainment Is Growing Up!

You might have noticed some changes to the website these past few days... We're working on giving the makeover it deserves to provide you guys with more content and consolidate our online presence! Whoo!

*Starts but fails a slow clap because people don't read blog posts live and even if they did I don't have a microphone recording my slow clap attempt and even if that all wasn't true nothing guarantees that you have your speakers turned on.*

Wow... That was a long sentence to say in one breath.  Good thing I was typing.  Now let's get back to business.

We're currently working on putting together photo and video portfolios to display some of IE's finest work. As usual, you're input and opinions on what should be considered as IE's finest work up till now is welcome! (Don't go being a funny man and say the helium singing video...).

On the project side of things, we are working on a few things right now... The project I'm personally most excited for is a Dragon Ball Z video effects spoof! Hopefully, we'll have this available for you in the very near future!

If you haven't done so yet, you can follow us on Youtube, Twitter & Facebook so you get access to the latest content when it's still hot from the printing press!




Keep it intense folks.  It's the only way to go about things.

- The IE Team

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