Sunday, July 17, 2011

Golden Hour is Happy Hour.

Shooting during that last hour of sunlight almost seems like cheating. You can take most subjects, bathe it in that heavenly light and with very little effort you have incredibly dynamic and eye catching photos.

Tim Lundy, a name that returning readers have heard before, was in dire need of some photos for his webpage. I asked if he had time to run out and shoot some before the sun set. Danielle, a mutual friend, played grip (although I prefer the term “Reflectorist”).

She held a reflector and bounced light onto the subject. She helped kick around location ideas and pestered the talent to the point of him saying, “This is so unprofessional…”

We tried for the gazebo at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver, but we just barely missed the light. We sped down to the waterfront and had about ten minutes before the light moved to low again. Ran to the train tracks… and decided not to play there as we could have died from the fast trains speeding by. We chose a pedestrian bridge by Fort Vancouver as the place to end our shoot.

There was this constant pressure to chase the light. I had no idea what the client (Tim) wanted. I just knew where I wanted my light. And that pressure to stay ahead of the setting sun was exhilarating. A part of me was on autopilot, getting the exposures I wanted with little conscious thought. Allowing me to call out changes to Danielle and get new angles quickly. The pace was fast and fun and I love it.

This is exactly what I mean about "cheating." I didn't give him warning. I just lifted the camera and took the picture. That's it. And the picture isn't stellar, but the angle of the light and the warmth from it really create an interesting image.

Finally, I had to admit defeat. The sun was gone, and the reflector was of no use. Not willing to waste the time, though, I popped out the onboard flash (a very heinous act in most cases) and took some couples shots with Tim and Danielle.

The flash wasn’t too awful. The images seemed washed out just enough to work. Some of the pictures didn’t however, for other reasons…

All in all, the shoot was pretty good. Especially considering the lack of planning… we just hopped in the car, camera in hand and hoping for the best.

I know reviewing a reflector seems kind of lame, but I’ll try to get a brief review up for all of you. And also a review of my new lens. :)

Keep it intense,


These aren't all of the pictures. Feel free to check out the facebook page for the full album as we edit them and post them. :)


  1. Wow! Those pics turned out great!!

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