Monday, July 18, 2011


Jordan Dalton, a local illustrator that I went to high school with, was kind enough to come up with this caricature of me the other night.

I felt it might be kind of taboo to ask an artist to draw me (I tried to find the “draw me” scene from Titanic…). But I think his work is incredible and secretly… I really was hoping he might be willing to work some magic. So, I asked in the nicest, most sincere way I could manage in a facebook message.

30 minutes or so later (at about 4am I think it was…) I get a response; “You’re lucky I can’t sleep.” And this picture was posted.

I had fallen asleep at that point. So, I didn’t see it until the next morning. But I was ecstatic. I love the detail Jordan put into it. The cocky smirk, the freckles, the cowlick people think is an intentional faux hawk. He even got my Merrell’s and Prana’s in there. And the company logo. And the RED one… which was from a picture of me holding a real RED. It was really a flattering moment to see that version of me on my news feed.

I kind of felt like a superhero. I don’t know what my power would be. Or what my name would be. But I feel like a little kid when I look at that.

So thanks again to Jordan Dalton. You can follow the links to his:


Facebook fan page


Peeby & Jay

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