Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Milky Way Shoot

Alright guys, back from vacation and ready for some blogging action… you’ll notice the website continues to grow, the home page actually is working, and we have a new section in development that will focus on videogames… but more on that later.

I just wanted to do a brief blog on the photo portion of my camping trip. Now, I love photography. Not quite as much as videography… but I still love shooting stills. However, when I’m on vacation, I’m often the only member of my family without a camera (not an exaggeration). I feel I document so much of my life, this one-week can fall on someone else’s shoulders. That sounds worse than it is.

As I was packing, still practicing minimalism, I found myself hesitating to bring my camera. In the end I couldn’t handle the thought of going without it. That sucker is apart of me… I did compromise by deciding to leave the tripod at home thinking, “I won’t need this.” Famous last words.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Jordan Dalton, a local illustrator that I went to high school with, was kind enough to come up with this caricature of me the other night.

I felt it might be kind of taboo to ask an artist to draw me (I tried to find the “draw me” scene from Titanic…). But I think his work is incredible and secretly… I really was hoping he might be willing to work some magic. So, I asked in the nicest, most sincere way I could manage in a facebook message.

30 minutes or so later (at about 4am I think it was…) I get a response; “You’re lucky I can’t sleep.” And this picture was posted.

I had fallen asleep at that point. So, I didn’t see it until the next morning. But I was ecstatic. I love the detail Jordan put into it. The cocky smirk, the freckles, the cowlick people think is an intentional faux hawk. He even got my Merrell’s and Prana’s in there. And the company logo. And the RED one… which was from a picture of me holding a real RED. It was really a flattering moment to see that version of me on my news feed.

I kind of felt like a superhero. I don’t know what my power would be. Or what my name would be. But I feel like a little kid when I look at that.

So thanks again to Jordan Dalton. You can follow the links to his:


Facebook fan page


Peeby & Jay

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Golden Hour is Happy Hour.

Shooting during that last hour of sunlight almost seems like cheating. You can take most subjects, bathe it in that heavenly light and with very little effort you have incredibly dynamic and eye catching photos.

Tim Lundy, a name that returning readers have heard before, was in dire need of some photos for his webpage. I asked if he had time to run out and shoot some before the sun set. Danielle, a mutual friend, played grip (although I prefer the term “Reflectorist”).

She held a reflector and bounced light onto the subject. She helped kick around location ideas and pestered the talent to the point of him saying, “This is so unprofessional…”

We tried for the gazebo at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver, but we just barely missed the light. We sped down to the waterfront and had about ten minutes before the light moved to low again. Ran to the train tracks… and decided not to play there as we could have died from the fast trains speeding by. We chose a pedestrian bridge by Fort Vancouver as the place to end our shoot.

There was this constant pressure to chase the light. I had no idea what the client (Tim) wanted. I just knew where I wanted my light. And that pressure to stay ahead of the setting sun was exhilarating. A part of me was on autopilot, getting the exposures I wanted with little conscious thought. Allowing me to call out changes to Danielle and get new angles quickly. The pace was fast and fun and I love it.

This is exactly what I mean about "cheating." I didn't give him warning. I just lifted the camera and took the picture. That's it. And the picture isn't stellar, but the angle of the light and the warmth from it really create an interesting image.

Finally, I had to admit defeat. The sun was gone, and the reflector was of no use. Not willing to waste the time, though, I popped out the onboard flash (a very heinous act in most cases) and took some couples shots with Tim and Danielle.

The flash wasn’t too awful. The images seemed washed out just enough to work. Some of the pictures didn’t however, for other reasons…

All in all, the shoot was pretty good. Especially considering the lack of planning… we just hopped in the car, camera in hand and hoping for the best.

I know reviewing a reflector seems kind of lame, but I’ll try to get a brief review up for all of you. And also a review of my new lens. :)

Keep it intense,


These aren't all of the pictures. Feel free to check out the facebook page for the full album as we edit them and post them. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Route Setting

It seems like I’m struggling to get these blogs out. Joel’s been on my case and I’ve got a few projects that need to simply be typed up and finished.

If you’re keeping an eye on the webpage, you’ll notice there’s a new banner up, and some of the pages are getting closer to done. Like the photography portfolio page, for instance… As we finish more projects, that too will get updated.

Ok. On to what this blog is supposed to be about. I recently posted a blog about the Circuit Bouldering Gym’s annual member party, and through the same contacts I got to hang out with their route setting crew.

I’d often wondered about the process. It seems like a kind of art. They start with a blank canvas and their pieces of plastic. I talked to the setters and they seemed to have their separate approaches. One set tape a long the path they want the climber to go. Another set large features, or the “crux” and found the pieces to connect them.

Colored tape designates the route a climber follows. The start has two pieces of tape with the difficulty rating and usually the date the route was set and initials of the route setter are places on there as well.

I had my gopro shooting the whole time and I planned on making a time-lapse video of the process. The idea wasn’t mine though. Chelsea, my friend and an employee of the gym, came to me with this idea. The video has had some serious technical issues… I’m still trying to fix it.

If you’re in or around the Portland, OR. Area, check it out at either of the Circuit Bouldering Gym Locations. :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Intense Entertainment Is Growing Up!

You might have noticed some changes to the website these past few days... We're working on giving the makeover it deserves to provide you guys with more content and consolidate our online presence! Whoo!

*Starts but fails a slow clap because people don't read blog posts live and even if they did I don't have a microphone recording my slow clap attempt and even if that all wasn't true nothing guarantees that you have your speakers turned on.*

Wow... That was a long sentence to say in one breath.  Good thing I was typing.  Now let's get back to business.

We're currently working on putting together photo and video portfolios to display some of IE's finest work. As usual, you're input and opinions on what should be considered as IE's finest work up till now is welcome! (Don't go being a funny man and say the helium singing video...).

On the project side of things, we are working on a few things right now... The project I'm personally most excited for is a Dragon Ball Z video effects spoof! Hopefully, we'll have this available for you in the very near future!

If you haven't done so yet, you can follow us on Youtube, Twitter & Facebook so you get access to the latest content when it's still hot from the printing press!




Keep it intense folks.  It's the only way to go about things.

- The IE Team