Monday, February 14, 2011

A Weekend in Seattle, Battlestar Gallactica at EMP

So the 9th has come and gone and the video hasn’t been released. I’ve left town for the weekend and have been sick since I’ve gotten home. The video needs to be color graded, which I’m hurting some trouble with. Time has been incredibly busy, and hasn’t had time to do the sound. So… Cops and Robbers is in a holding pattern while I begin work on the next one. Maybe my Monday or next Wednesday… either way, I plan on being back on track for the 23rd.

Anyways, last weekend I got to go to Seattle to visit my girlfriend. It was Super Bowl Weekend and the first I’d seen her in a month. She took me to the Battlestar Gallactica exhibit at EMP. BSG is one of my favorite TV shows, and Kris’ enthusiasm to check out the nerdy exhibit was much appreciated.

I totally geeked out at the miniatures used during filming and the costumes and props. I especially liked the parts that teach the importance of the sound and the way it was designed. I’m too excited to do it justice. I have a lot of pictures posted on Facebook. Please like the page if you haven’t already.

Plus I’ve been reading the BSG Bible. It’s a document written before the show aired to help writers stick to the story the creator wanted. It’s extremely in-depth and great for building your own world or background story.

Now, I don’t know how you feel about the Battlestar Gallactica series, old or new. I’m still needing to see the old one. But I read around the time the show started that the creator had built the arc for the story before the show aired. It was supposed to be four seasons and would end. All the major plot points were planned out, and the scripts just needed to be written to connect the plot points.

Honestly, I feel to distracted to do this justice… but the shows ability to be as dramatic as other action dramas that have been hitting TV lately. The whole series is supposed to be an allegory to the world we live in today with the threat of terrorism that constantly looms over us after 9/11. And the parallels drawn into this reality created in this universe is really well done. Please just… ignore my inability to communicate and check out the show. Maybe I’ll edit this and rewrite it later. haha

This is my new desktop. taken from the side of Apollo's Viper Mark VII. SO AWESOME~

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