Sunday, January 9, 2011

Seattle, and On Set.

Wow this week seemed a little crazy. Not so busy I couldn’t handle it. I don’t know. It wanted to hit the ground running and I have. A 1am trip to Seattle to take a friend home, being dehydrated and exhausted and finally sick, ending up on the set of a studio in Portland and helping (though I felt unsuccessful) with the production of a few commercials for a kids show that is trying to go national.

Anyways, I’m a little better rested and ready to catch up and make good on the promises I made last week. But lets recount a bit...

The trip to Seattle was fun. We headed out around 1am, had some music playing and the roads were clear except for some fog. Bryan and I ate food and caught up. The ride was uneventful. We hit Seattle about 4am and Safeco and Qwest fields were lit and peaceful. The space needle towered over the city. It looked kind of lonely out there by itself.

This was our travel companion. I drew him, upside down with my non-writing hand while pumping gas. Honestly I think it's better than what I draw right side up with my right hand and not doing something else. Weird.

I’ve been asked to do a blog about night photography, so as I was driving I looked for opportunities to shoot and Seattle provided. Being so late, and having had so little sleep the previous week I decided it was better to just keep moving… but some shooting in the future will happen.

As for ending up in a studio, I didn’t really know what was happening. I got a call asking me to come help out on a shoot so I went. We met at KOIN 6 in Portland and watched the taping of a show called “Studio 6.” It’s weird being in a studio and seeing how other companies do it. It was interesting and obviously more expensive. The floor director doubled as a camera operator, and I’m pretty certain the talent had earpieces, receiving info directly from the director. I saw the control room briefly. It was EPIC. I was too awed by it to take a picture. My bad.

Check out these lights! Holy crap, I'm glad I don't pay their electric bill...

Lastly, some new equipment arrived and I’ll be playing with that this weekend. Expect reviews by Friday next week.

Sorry this post is so short. I figured more time in my lesson posts would be better appreciated. Take Care.

James C.

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