Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Break Up

This was really an informal shoot. It involved me showing up at 89 Caxton in Australia with my gear and some pizza coupons. Joel, Renn, and I walked to the Pizza Capers across town and enjoyed a Pepperoni with Roasted Capsicum (red peppers) and pineapple. We saved a few pieces for the shoot.

The script was really just some ideas for Joe to work with and he ad-libbed the rest. I had no idea how I would edit the piece. I just hoped I’d find something.

We didn’t have lights, or a good mic. I think we just used a tripod and my 7d with my 50mm 1.8 lens. I left the iris open as much as possible to hide the background more.

Post-production was about 2 hours of editing, making sense of the mess I made because I didn’t do any planning. I decided instead of color grading like normal, I would do a double vignette. The first being the red haze. I made it fairly faint, trying to warm up the scene. It needed more so I dialed it up. The second vignette was black and more traditional. I used it to try and hide the background more while drawing the eye to the subject.

Ok, now, why did I do this piece? I spent 6 months on the other side of the world feeling that the pizza didn’t stack up. Joel felt passionate about this as well. So we wanted to make fun of it.

Don’t get me wrong, Pizza Capers is amazing. Try it if you’re down there. You won’t be disappointed. But that’s why we made this video.

Anything I would change?

No. There’s always stuff to improve. But I’m satisfied with this project.


  1. Great haha (except for the burp - ewwww) :)

  2. Brilliant! Classic Jomes. Do you like what I did there, with the names and all? R.I.P Pizza capers love affair!