Monday, January 17, 2011


ok i don't have very long to write this random post because my cat doesn't seem to want to leave me alone. i'm not sure how those are related... anyways, i'm working on the next three vids and i thought i would take a moment to let you know that i love silly t-shirts. anyways... here's a few i just saw that made me smile. :) like that.

The "i like Twertles" kid. which is a reference to this video about this kid... ehh nevermind, the vids embedded below.

Then there's the "lady Leg Lamp" shirt which reminds me of my coach from Clark College. Easily one of the funniest people i've ever met.

the fresh prince reference. they never get old.

this one rang a bell, but i couldn't remember why. so i looked it up. Zoolander is a terribly funny movie.

if someone wanted to get something awesome for my birthday... (it's coming up btw) i would love a nuclear fallout shelter sign... or either of these shirts (1) (2)

this is a reference to the mobile alabama leprechaun posted below. i had gone a really long time without seeing that video... the first time i did was in australia, where i then had to explain that not all american's are like that. btw... typing in mobile into youtube's search brings up the video. that's all you need. haha

this last one is a terrible thing for someone barely able to afford his gear as it is... If only the sixth sense dealt with tragedies like this.

I hear ya man, i hear ya...

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  1. Asking for gifts in your blog! Shameless, SHAMELESS!

    Keep up the good work!