Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I’ve been putting off writing a recap of my trip to Australia. I think I’m avoiding it because that means it’s over. I’ve noticed the whole thing feels less and less like a memory and more like a dream now.

As you may have noticed on the news, Queensland is being battered by torrential rains causing flash floods and a lot of people are put out by this. Homes are filling with mud and water.

I watched videos of cars being tossed around like toys. Debris is everywhere. I saw pictures of the place I lived under water (courtesy of my friend Ming over at One friend said the lobby and laundry room of my apartment complex were a lagoon.

Something about these pictures really drove it home for me. I walked all of this. Played on a beach that’s going under water. Went to a school that’s closed because of flood warnings. Some of my good friends said the only things they had in the grocery store was canned beans and beer. I can’t even really comprehend it all. If I went back, would I recognize my other home?

I wish I could do something. Go back and help with flood relief. I know the economy isn’t doing so hot, but if you can contribute something, I’m sure they’d all appreciate that.

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