Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sorry guys. There was no lesson last week and I wrote my experience but never posted it. it was a good week. I just got behind.

We shot all day Saturday. Which went pretty well. We ran into some technical issues but all in all it went pretty well. First, with Kyle in town, we filmed an episode of Ninjas Doing Mundane things. It became more of a compilation episode than a single idea. We were a little rusty and may have tried writing the episode while intoxicated. Odds are, we’ll need to rerecord the audio. Or rewrite the dialogue. Plus we didn’t finish shooting the episode. So that might get shelved until a later date.

This is the Sony EX1 that we used for the shoot.

The second video we knocked out was an action scene at Christopher’s. It was written for 5, which was a little ambitious for our first action scene. We had a couple cancellations, which meant one actor played two people (and killed himself).

We shot the whole thing using the sony EX1 which hide a wide angle lens. And other than the actor issues, all went extremely smooth.

Here's the camera towering over the scene. Chris is 6'3" (a little less than 2m tall.) if that gives you an idea for how high that tripod and some dining chairs got it.

Last weekend was pretty good. I told you Kyle was in town. He was my roommate from Central. It was awesome getting to hangout and go climbing and just chill. Great use of the English language, I know. But whatever. Pretty short post. Haha.

I found this while scrubbing footage... I don't know what's going on.


  1. Excited for this action scene! WOOT!

  2. I just read through about 5 of these.
    Your writing is as informative as it is entertaining.
    I am excited to see the effects in this one.

    And of course those sneaky ninjas. Psh I say that like there's another kind.

    Keep up the hard work!