Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11 The New Year and Future of Intense Entertainment

Hey guys, welcome to 2011. It’s going to be a bright and beautiful year. And with this new year, I have a few things I would like to inform you about. Basically, I’m talking about the future of Intense Entertainment.

So, where to begin? Well, if you’ll recall in a previous post, my friend Joel challenged me to (creating a bucket list). Which I have for you here…

Explore Europe.

Convert a Warehouse to a studio.

Time lapse the Milky Way.

See Fireflies (The Bug, I’ve already seen the show numerous times.)

Photograph on every continent.

Make a Feature Length Documentary.

Make a Feature Length Zombie Film.

Zombie Proof dream house and car.

Have a cabin (which will also be zombie proofed.)

Tour the country and film our adventures. Preferably in an RV.

Get a bike and use it as often as possible.

Shake Hands With Joss Whedon

Now, Don’t assume it’s complete. I feel things should continuously be added along with checking stuff off. This list will grow and I’ll update it as I can.

Next thing I’ll be doing in the upcoming year will be reviews of equipment I purchase. My equipment that I own is relatively limited. I borrow/request the use of/obtain what I need however I can. And so I’d like to do reviews. I spend a lot of time researching before I purchase something. I do my best tech I can at the best price I can afford. Each new piece of gear will be used heavily for a week by itself (as much as possible) so I can familiarize myself with it and report back how I feel about that gear. And I am brutally honest.

Every week I want to do a lesson for my readers. I feel it’s difficult to get past photography/filmmaking basics for a lot of people because the classes only go so far, and the professionals are so far beyond that. My hope with this blog is to narrow that gap.

My lessons will be for beginner to intermediate level filmmakers to start, and build from there. Hopefully over the course of a year, I’ll have built up enough of a pool of information that this blog acts much like a textbook would (albeit more entertaining I hope.).

So please, if there’s something that you’re struggling with shoot me an email and I’ll try to do a lesson on that.

And also, I hope to do a blog each week about some experience/project/whatever that I have that may not be related to a lesson or fall specifically into another category.

I feel it’s important to practice filmmaking. Not just simply talk about it, but work on projects and put it out for the world to critique. Places like this blog and (YouTube) seem perfect for that.

So for all of 2011, I will produce 1 short video every 2nd and 4th week of the month. Generally, they will be 2-3 minutes in length, and focus on a technique (practical or digital) that I want to work on, and get practiced in. They will also be accompanied with a blog going over what I wanted to accomplish, how the shoot went, what I learned and possibly tutorials for you.

These will be in addition to the tutorials I’ll do for a lesson.

So, feel free to leave comments or better yet: Email me @ with your questions, or tutorial/lesson ideas.

Happy New Year,



  1. Hey James,

    That bucket list is lookin' pretty good! It will most definitely grow. Mine is insanely long.

    I showed your blog to my little sister, who just bought a Nikon D90 and is beginning to take a serious amount of pictures. I told her you were taking requests and she immediately jumped on "Night Photography". She would like to know more. Please elaborate.

    Thank you.

    Keep up the good work! Excited for Pizza!

  2. The nikon d90 is nice. and i love night photography... this is the perfect excuse to shoot more of it.

    i'll get to work on it. expect it next week? i've got this weeks already in the works. just need to finish it.

    take it easy, joel. happy new year. :)

  3. Hey no hurry man! haha

    Yeah, you have a good one too. It's going to be tough to top 2010!