Thursday, September 2, 2010

College Gruel

although this looks like something you'd be handed in an internment camp. this was pretty good. and so i thought i'd share the recipe.

you'll need a pack of ramen noodles, 4 eggs, can of tuna in oil (i like this better than water) cheese and some sweet chili sauce.

start by grilling the tuna until i'ts nearly burning pour on some sweet chili sauce and stir it around. then dump your scrambled eggs on top. start boiling your water. as the eggs start to fluff around the tuna add some more chili sauce. once your eggs are about done, throw on the cheese. your water should be boiling by now. do the noodles the way you like. pour out most of the broth, and mix in the flavor packet. once that's all ready throw it in a bowl large enough to also put the nasty looking pile of much you made in the other pan on top.

sit down and be surprised. it's shot to nabby. haha

that's what i made today because i didn't have other things in my fridge. but necessity inspires creativity.

time to do my last midterm!

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