Friday, August 13, 2010

Aug 14th, 2010

I’m not entirely sure how long I’ve been here. My concept of time is slipping haha. I think it’s been what? At least a full month. We’re heading into week 5 of classes which means that I’ve been here at least 5 weeks. And I’m starting to slip up on these blog posts.

Umm… I had taken some notes of things I wanted to share with everyone, but it wasn’t really meaty enough for me to bust out a full blog. And the last two weeks have been more stay in and save money. Lol I spend money every time I leave the apartment. Either because I’m hungry and home is a 45-minute walk away… or I see a souvenir that I want to get for someone.

Umm… let us see. An Australian guy found out I was American and came up to, shook my hand and said “howdy.” Wow… haha yep. We all wear cowboy boots ride horses and say yee-haw on Sundays. Haha

I went to an AFL game (Australian rules football, Australia football league) and I have no idea what was happening. I shot some footage but they had a rule about not letting people use professional cameras. That was depressing. So we made an agreement… prime lenses only. Meaning no zoom. Lame. The pictures and everything were ok but it really made me crave a medium length lens. Late birthday present anyone? I have one picked out. :D

Which reminds me. I turned 24 this week. It was an awesome party. Friends came over. Some people I didn’t know came over. Joel and I taught some Norwegians the finer points of beer pong. And then some guitaring and singing really loudly… haha good night.

I also saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the world. I really enjoyed that film and recommend that if you’re someone who enjoys laughing that you see this film.

We have two new roommates. They don’t seem very social and I’m not entirely sure their English is that great. They haven’t really even introduced themselves. Lol oh well.

I’m at that point where midterms are due. That’s actually what I’m supposed to be working on at this moment. Haha I have one due Monday. I haven’t started. My friend said it’s taken here several days… well. I’ll be fine.

Motivation is still lacking. I’m having super senioritis. Knowing that I can knock out my entire semesters homework in a week and I’ll be done forever is really… hard. Knowing I’m here where the sun is always shining and beautiful is… harder. Or at least makes things more difficult. Knowing that regardless of how hard I work, my grades transfer as pass/fail? Hardest. These classes are awesome but the only one that really specifically helps me in my career is music and sound production. The other two (I dropped one lol) are all right. Documentary theory and practice won’t let me actually do a documentary because their program requires it to be done over the course of a year… don’t they know who I am? I’m superman. So really now it’s about just doing the work, going to class (which isn’t even mandatory… they’re killing me.) and yep. Focusing on music and sound is the only real “work” I think I’ll be doing while I’m here.

I’ve also been working out. Shock to hear, I’m sure. My goal is to NOT bulk up… meaning my weights are lower and I’m just doing much higher reps and more sets. It’s not too bad. My body seems to be adjusting pretty well. Recovery time is increasing and I feel lighter, less bulky, and actually… I’ve spent some time running. That should actually shock you. There are two reasons for this. 1. I’ve been running in my new Velocy running shoes ( which is probably the most “natural” feeling I can find in a shoe without being barefoot. And I’ve also been reading “born to run” by Christopher McDougall, which is a really interesting book about a society of runners in Mexico, and the ultra-marathoners in the US who are accustomed to running 100 or more miles in a single race. Anyways a lot of what the book talks about is running barefoot and how that’s the better way to run and train and how that improves form naturally as the body corrects itself.

Umm. Sorry I got hungry and then I came back to finish this. Apparently I’m going to the sunshine coast tomorrow morning. I’m very excited about this. I was bummed about giving up my chance to go while I did homework, and because I have been feeling a little under the weather. So thanks to Claire for the last minute invite. I’m looking forward to it.

Umm… it rained on my birthday. Which was pretty awesome. It reminded me of home. I am starting to miss being somewhere familiar. Knowing what’s going on when and where and having all of my gear so that I can work on whatever I want instead of “making do” with I have at this moment. It’s good practice. But I miss my computer. And mics. And… friends and family of course.

I’m about to wrap this up. Most of you probably already have heard that my good friend Kris is coming to visit for the last two weeks of my stay here in Australia. I’m very excited that ill get to share this experience with someone back home and be able to say “remember when” to someone instead of “I wish you could have been there.”

My hair is out of control. It’s killing me. Lol it’s going to drive me insane before I get home. It’s too hot to wear hats to maintain it or give me some control. I don’t have any product that even stands a chance haha basically I just let it run rampant. And yep.

Ok. It’s time to bust out this homework. I love you. Thanks for reading and supporting me on this trip. And I’ll see you in a few short months.

p.s. I could kill for a legit American pizza.

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