Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have not been doing a very good job of keeping my blog updated. Part of the reason is because most of what I’ve been doing the last couple weeks has been simply school. I go to class, come home and work on midterms. I haven’t had money to go traveling. So I just keep exploring Brisbane a little bit at a time. I go out with friends, hang out at the apartment. Talk on skype, play guitar, sleep, workout, read. It may not seem that exciting, but it’s a very nice change of pace from how school has felt the last several years. I feel like I’m winding down and I don’t need to constantly be on the go to enjoy my time here. Other students give me a hard time saying I need to get out there and do something everyday. And I disagree. If that works for them, awesome. But I like to just stop and walk around. See the sights. There’s so much to see right here in Brisbane… why run myself ragged so early on in the trip?

Wow early on… haha that seems weird to say. I’m going into week 7 of my classes, which means I’ve been here for 8 weeks, or nearly two months. I still have two and a half months to go. It’s weird because I look back at the time I’ve spent so far and it’s a blur. I was walking through a part of the Kelvin grove campus that I was at the first week I was here and I remember thinking how I’d probably never set foot in that part of the campus again. Sure enough… I’m there once a week. And for just a moment, it didn’t feel strange to be here. I felt like I belonged.

I’ve been looking for work. Something to supplement my finaid. So far… unsuccessful. A lot of people don’t want an employee with a very near expiration date. And they don’t seem to want an exchange student. Haha one thing I’ve noticed about Australia is how they treat customers and guests… in America as a sales person (food, store, service of… well any kind) you approach with a smile and be friendly. This isn’t the case here. I’ve found a few people who are nice and chipper (beastie burgers is really good about this) and they want to help the customer. Other companies (subway, kebab places, grocery stores) have no problem letting you know you’re an inconvenience and they can’t wait to get rid of you. It’s not an exaggeration. Haha it’s a completely different mindset. The guy who made my food at subway yesterday told me (not kidding… he was dead serious) that what I ordered was very American, and he was sorry that he didn’t have the cheese I want because Australia isn’t as rich as THE America. Haha I just laughed it off and thought to myself “that’s right… now bow to me.”

this uptight attitude some people have had towards me for being American has really soured both my patience and tolerance. I’ve been mocked for not knowing the geography of countries here. Certain things about local cultures (meaning… countries near Australia, or things about Australian culture.). I’ve been talked down to because slang from America doesn’t translate. And I’ve been accused of believing and doing things that either my country has done (without any say from me. ha) or things that people think my country have done. It’s ironic how hypocritical these people are. By attacking me, accusing me, and talking down to me, they become the exact person they accuse me of being. And often times these people don’t realize that I’m here to learn. I want to know about other countries and subjects and topics we didn’t learn in school. I want to see how other people see the world. But when I’m talked down to in such a way, I feel like “why bother?” if this is who these other people are… why subject myself to this. And I shut the door. And the whole point of coming here is lost.

I have expressed some dissapointment in a couple of my classes. I’m not challenged. My music and sound production course is the only interesting thing I’m studying. I really do enjoy that class. And it’s not something I’m good at, but instead have to try really hard at to improve. That class makes up for the lack of focus and attention necessary in my other two classes.

Sorry wow. I guess I needed to vent. Haha I am having a good time. Please don’t think that everyone here is pissing me off. I’ve met some amazing people and made some awesome friends. I’ve seen and done some things that I just get really excited about. This has been a phenomenal experience so far. And I’m sure the second half of my trip will be awesome.

Thank you again for all the love and support I keep receiving from everyone back home. I love you guys, miss you, and I’m looking forward to when I finally step off the plane back in Vancouver.

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